quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014

Futebol - esportes em geral, sao apenas distracoes para poder controlar a Massa - George Orwells

George Orwell 

Alguns anos mais tarde, em seu romance 1984 , encontramos o seguinte trecho:

 "O trabalho físico pesado, o cuidado do lar e dos filhos, pequenas brigas com os vizinhos, filmes, futebol, cerveja e, acima de tudo, o jogo encheu o horizonte de suas mentes. Para mantê-los sob controle não era difícil. "

 In 1945, as all combatant nations were recovering from World War II, a notable “friendly” football (soccer) match took place in England. Football had been put on ice since 1939, and fans and athletes alike were eager for a resumption of the action. A Russian armed forces team had scored impressive victories over both its British and French counterparts, and the time had come for a top Russian team to take on a top British club. And thus it was that on November 13, 1945, FC Dynamo Moscow arrived at Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea FC. The attendance was officially listed at 74,496, but the true attendance is usually estimated to be between 100,000 and 120,000. Chelsea led at halftime 2-0, but the Dynamos were able to make it 2-2, and each side tacked on another goal each before the end of play. (Four days later, the Dyamos walloped Cardiff City 10-1.) 

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