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Humano ou robo - O sistema nos ensina a aceitar o que planeja pro futuro - Robotica foto from

Enviado em 20/11/2006
Jules is a Conversational Character Robot designed and built by David Hanson. Jules is Ai, made with a light weight material called Frubber™ , which enables his/her face to be mobile and expressive. Jules runs on batteries and was commissioned by the UWE with a statistically perfect androgynous face.
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Enviado em 17/05/2011
Robot looks just like its master
The first Geminoid Summit was held at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) in Nara, Japan, last March. Scharfe attended with his robot double to compare notes with two other Geminoid owners, including the inventor of the Geminoid concept, Hiroshi Ishiguro.
According to Scharfe, technologies to make robots more ubiquitous in daily life, such as bipedal walking, better navigation and obstacle avoidance, grasping, image recognition and speech synthesis are improving rapidly. So what will happen when we seriously begin to combine them all?